How to uninstall multiple Android apps together to save time

The Google Play Store is the entry point to download millions and millions of apps for your Android device but, over time, you may need a quick way to easily uninstall multiple Android apps at once. Everyone knows that to delete an app individually it is necessary to hold your finger on the app icon and then move it to the “Uninstall” item, but not everyone is aware that it is also possible to delete several applications in series at a time to save time.

How to uninstall multiple Android apps at once

To achieve this result it is possible to proceed according to two different but both valid and functional ways:

  1. Via the Google Play Store
    1. Go to the top of your Google profile icon and select “Manage app and device”
    2. Tap the “Manage” tab at the top next to the “Overview” tab
    3. Check all the applications you want to remove in series and then tap the trash can icon at the top right
  1. Via the Google Files application available for free at this link
    1. Stop on the “Browse” tab at the bottom
    2. Stop on the item “App” in the list available in the center of the interface
    3. Step on the icon with the three vertical dots and step on the “Select” item
    4. Check all the icons of the apps you want to remove> tap the three vertical dots at the top right> Uninstall

how to uninstall android apps

Both functions offer you the possibility to quickly obtain space on your Android device and remove applications that you no longer need and / or are not used. Our advice is to point to Google Files as it requires less taps and also allows you to easily delete other content that takes up memory.