important news is on the way

Who would have thought that someday Italian post And Ikea they would have made an agreement to introduce very important innovations for the benefit of all customers who purchase the products of the Swedish giant. News that will please many users and that, in a certain sense, will also change the way they shop at the famous chain of furniture, furnishing accessories and objects for the home.

The Swedish multinational founded by Ingvar Kamprad has been going strong in recent years thanks to its countless solutions aimed at simplifying the life of its customers. The commercial proposals are not only cheap and advantageous, but also allow to solve various problems that are faced in daily life. One of all, for example, is space. Ikeain fact, it offers truly incredible solutions that can be touched directly on the spot because they are faithfully reproduced, thus providing interesting ideas to apply in your home.

Precisely by virtue of this enormous success, Italian post he held one partnership with Ikea to facilitate shopping to all those who want to draw on the experience and quality of the Swedish giant’s products. But what is it about? Let’s find out all the upcoming news together.

Poste Italiane inaugurates Poste Delivery Business also for Ikea customers

A world of benefits are now available to all customers Ikea thanks to its commercial agreement with the Italian Post Office. Basically, all customers who decide to buy the Swedish multinational’s products at a point of sale or directly online will be able to rely on Post Delivery Business.

This service of Italian post provides a series of interesting solutions for the shipment of the products purchased. Not only is it possible to choose the date and place of delivery (for packages weighing less than 50 kg), but also a pick-up location that is more convenient for the recipient. In addition, all shipments weighing less than 30 kg can also be collected at the nearest post office.

Let’s see now the rates very advantageous offers from Post Delivery Business, the shipping service offered by the Italian Post Office. These are promotional prices applicable on orders placed by 6 March 2022:

  • from 0 to 1 kg shipping cost 4 euros;
  • from 10 to 30 kg shipping cost 5 euros;
  • from 20 to 30 kg shipping cost 5 euros (instead of 16 euros).

Also remember that if you buy with Postepay by March 31, 2022, in participating stores, you will be entitled to a cashback cashback for every purchase up to a maximum of 100 euros per day.