In the Kraven movie there will also be Chameleon, that’s who will play him

The cast of the film about Kraven the Hunter begins to take shape, a Sony production centered on the famous nemesis of Spider-Man. In fact, yesterday it was announced that within the spin-off there will also be Chameleonwell-known cartoon character who first appeared on the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man # 15 in 1964.

Kraven the Hunter: Chameleon will also be there

To interpret it Fred Hechinger, star of The White Lotus, will take care of it. Dmitri Smerdyakov aka Chameleon is a supervillain capable of replicating anyone’s likeness, as well as Kraven’s half-brother.

To play the role of Kraven Aaron Taylor Johnson will take care of it instead. The film will be directed by JC Chandor (Triple Frontier) and written by Richard Wenk, Art Marcum And Matt Holloway.

The film’s release is currently set for January 13, 2023. According to the latest rumors, filming should begin in early March in England. Kraven is one of the most iconic and well-known antiheroes created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The character has had encounters with Venom and Black Panther, among others, and is one of the world’s best known and formidable enemies. Spider-Man.

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In the cast of Kraven also Russel Crowe, probably in the role of his father, and Calypso, another historical villain in the world of Spider-Man, who will be played by Jodie Turner-Smith.

The one about Kraven the Hunter will be Sony’s third spin-off after Venom and Morbius. The Spider-Man universe will then also expand with a film on Madame Web in which Dakota Johnson will play.

While waiting for new information on the film, we advise you to recover on Amazon Kraven’s Last Huntone of the most beautiful comic stories about the character and his relationship with Spider-Man.