Intel conquers Japan, AMD loses market share

BCN Retaila portal that collects and analyzes sales data relating to electronic products in Japanhas released some interesting information relating to the market shares held by Intel And AMD in the land of the rising sun. In particular, it seems that Intel is definitely the most popular CPU brand in the area, grabbing the 74% of total sales during the month of Januarywhile AMD had to settle for only 25%, the lowest value in the last three years.

Photo Credit: BCN

AMD’s peak of 70% in June 2020, with a second of 68% in December of the same year probably due to the introduction of the Ryzen 5000 series processors, is now a long way off. In particular, the Ryzen 5 CPU family could count on a fantastic quality / price ratio, so much so that it constituted almost half of the sales during that period. This incredible result was also obtained by exploiting the production problems encountered by the Santa Clara company, such as the low yields with the 10nm production process (now known as Intel 7) and the need to port projects to 14nm to be able to compensate .

Now times have changed and it is AMD that is addressing major shortcomings by relying on TSMC, a foundry that must also supply products to other major companies, such as Apple and Qualcomm. Additionally, Intel has caught up with its new range of Alder Lake processors, even managing to increase volumes after reengineering the 10nm process with SuperFin technology.

Photo Credit: BCN
Intel AMD Sales Japan

The latest data from Japan testify that Intel CPUs are currently more desired than AMD’s, but this is probably partly due to AMD’s manufacturing and distribution policy, which favors products with higher average prices. However, 2022 has only just begun and it will be interesting to see if the Sunnyvale company manages to regain market share over the next few months.