Internet does not work on Vodafone landline: what happens

Unpleasant day today February 23, 2022 for numerous users of fixed line Vodafonein fact, there are many reports relating to disservices which are making it difficult to use various services and websites such as Amazon, Twitter and more. Let’s see what’s going on.

Internet does not work for Vodafone customers: down 23 November 2022

The problems mainly concern the landline network so Vodafone Fibra and Vodafone ADSL and makes it impossible to navigate, albeit in fits and starts, some of the most famous sites: Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The technical staff of Vodafone let it be known, on Twitter, that they are aware of the problem and are taking action to solve it, therefore we confirm that it is not your problem if you are unable to navigate but the operator himself.

At the moment it seems that satisfactory solutions have not been implemented, we will keep you informed in this article if there are any news. So all that remains is to be patient and in the meantime try to surf from mobile.

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