IPhone background sounds are great for staying focused

With iOS 15, Apple has brought to the iPhone a function that is still little used, but which I personally love: I’m talking about Background soundswhich as the name suggests allows you to listen to relaxing sounds, ideal for maintaining concentration.

In recent years, many models of auricoalri have implemented functions of this type: the products of Jabra and Soundcore come to mind, but the list of companies that have introduced similar functions in their apps would be long.

The classics soothing sounds of waterfalls, rain and so on are perfect to have in the background when working in a noisy office, but also to isolate yourself from the chatter on the subway when you want to read a good book.

On iPhone, you can activate the Background sounds on any model of earphones (or even reproduce them from the speaker) and doing it is very simple. The entry is buried in the accessibility settings (Settings > Accessibility > Audiovisual content > Background sounds), but the most convenient way to have it on hand is to add it to the Control Center.

Then open the Settingsclick on Control Center and add the control Hearing to those included (by clicking on the green + button).

At this point, opening the Control Center you will find the button Hearingfrom which you can activate the background sounds, set their volume and choose what to listen to (unfortunately the list is not very large, the only sounds available are Pink noise, White noise, Brown noise, Ocean, Rain And Stream).

Note that from the menu that opens by clicking on Hearing there is also the voice Headphone volume levelwhich warns you if the volume of the headphones is too high.

Also, if you have a pair of AirPods or Beats headphones, you can use the button Hearing also to activate the function Live listeninga kind of modality Transparency advanced which greatly enhances the external sounds, especially the voices.

Apple thought Live listening for listening to conversations in very noisy environments: many outlets have suggested (understandably) that the feature is also useful for to spy conversations, given the ability to enhance voices even from a great distance.