Is Resident Evil Outbreak Returning? Clues to a remaster on the official site

If there is one thing that teaches us a saga like Resident Evil, is that death is a not so definitive condition. Of course, there is little consolation when it involves transforming into staggering zombies, but so be it. But there are also happier forms of survival, as we are taught by the numerous chapters of the series that over the years have been resurrected and revived on new platforms in improved versions.

The revenant more exemplary, in this sense, is definitely Resident Evil 4, which is about to crown its very personal story with a Remake (according to rumors it will be scarier than the original). But Capcom may have plans to resurrect a few more titles, and on official site some have sprung up clues that go precisely in this direction.


The suspect is Resident Evil Outbreak, just inserted in the section that traces the history of the saga. The detail that aroused the attention of fans is the fact that Capcom for the occasion has uploaded to the website of game assets redesigned and updated. As if there was one in the yard remasterin short: on the other hand, the work carried out is reminiscent of the one carried out with the Resident Evil 0 HD remaster.

The well-known leaker Dusk Golem also spoke on the subject, confirming that it could really be a teaser for a remaster of Resident Evil Outbreak, a PlayStation 2 game released in Japan in December 2003.