Jack Dorsey reveals that Bitcoin will be an essential part of the future of Twitter

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and one of the most recognized bitcoiners in the crypto space, stated that Bitcoin will be “a big part of the future of Twitter”. The crypto developer and investor claimed that the cryptocurrency It will be integrated into the products and services offered by the social network platform, including commerce, subscriptions, payment services and other new additions such as the promised Super Follows.

Dorsey made these statements during a conference telephone with its investors about Twitter’s financial results for the second quarter of this 2021. Although Dorsey did not explain how bitcoin will be integrated with the products and services of the social network, this announcement shows all its interest in promoting growth and development of cryptocurrency in the world.

Jack Dorsey is one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin globally. On many occasions, Dorsey has expressed his deep enthusiasm for the innovation that accompanies this cryptocurrency and has said that if he did not work at Twitter and Square, his other company, then he would dedicate himself fully to the development and promotion of Bitcoin.

The programmer and businessman also spoke in June about the integration of Lightning Networkthe second layer network for Bitcoin scalability, to Twitter, stating that this was just a matter of time.

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Relevant trends on Twitter

During the conference with its shareholders and investors, Dorsey explained that there are currently three relevant trends for the development of Twitter and its business model. Specifically, Dorsey said that the adoption of Bitcoin Next to the Artificial intelligence and the decentralization They will help the social platform to improve and optimize its business, growing as a leader in each of these current trends.

“With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we increase relevance and performance”, Dorsey stated, indicating that this is one of the longstanding problems that the platform has faced and one that it works to improve every day. Also, he indicated that with decentralization, Twitter will be able to increase its volume of operations and improve access. For the CEO, the quality of the interaction offered to users through Twitter is one of the highest priorities today.

Bitcoin, the native money of the Internet

Regarding Bitcoin, Dorsey stated that being a decentralized and global cryptocurrency, it has become the native currency of the Internet, which the platform must adopt to guarantee users of the social network, as well as companies and companies, to trade freely with goods, products and services at any time and from anywhere in the world, efficiently and safely.

Dorsey wants to renew Twitter and promote a new business model that benefits both investors and shareholders as well as users and trusts in the disruptive potential of Bitcoin for this.

Through the three trends mentioned, Dorsey seeks to expand his company’s services and enable people to tweet, reply, go into audio chat, gain followers, write press releases, charge for content, and even sell goods and services. eventual form; all this through the platform.

New integrations to Twitter

Dorsey explained that Twitter must evolve and adapt to new developments, creating strategies that drive its business model. In this context, Bitcoin and new technologies have a lot of innovation to offer above digital currencies, so Twitter can take advantage of them to promote its new integrations and products such as Super Follows and Tip Jar, in order to reach everywhere. of the world.

To clarify, the so-called Super Follow are new features that prepare the social platform for content monetization, while the Tip Jar is a function that will allow users to send money to different accounts of their choice.

The CEO of Twitter cited Facebook’s efforts to develop its own digital currency as a sign of the need for companies to adapt to the financial and technological innovation that accompanies cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. His intervention concluded by stating that “Bitcoin is the right path”, so his and the company’s focus will finally be on this cryptocurrency, to open up new and potential use cases for everyone on Twitter.

At the close of this edition, Bitcoin (BTC) listed on the markets with a value of $33,890 and its capitalization exceeds 635,000 million dollars.

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