just € 5 for 32 GB of extra space

A Philips pendrive that pay 5 € it’s already a bargain, but when you see that it also has 32 GB of space inside what are you waiting for? There add with a click on Amazon and buy it to receive it in one or two days.

Finally a USB stick that costs little but works a bomb, there is not a minute to waste.

I usually warn you it goes sold out immediately then do two maths. Shipments are free with Prime active.

Philips pendrive: no more excuses, you can have as many as you want

A USB stick to always have with you just in case. With 32 GB of space at your fingertips, anything that pleases you can pass over it. It counts that you can also think of taking more than one: for home, for work. At this price you can get real bargains.

Integrated has a very comfortable LED indicator that notifies you when it’s working. Plus I’ll tell you, it’s impossible to lose because she has an eyelet that you can use to turn it into a keychain in seconds if you want.

Photos, videos, music, documents, archives, films. Pass over everything you want and use it wherever you want, even in the car to match the stereo so with 32 GB you keep on it the entire discography of your favorite artists (more than 8000 songs in total).

Buy your 32 GB Philips flash drive on the fly on Amazon, with just one click you take it home for just a little € 5.99. You don’t have a minute to lose, shipments are fast and free throughout Italy with Prime.

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