LinkedIn accelerates on podcasts: the network of shows about the world of work

LinkedIn also speeds up on podcasts: Microsoft’s professional social network announced it today. The LinkedIn Podcast Network will produce several shows, all of which are business related, of course. They will talk about technologies, stress management and mental health, tips and advice for job interviews and much more; some will be conducted by the internal editorial staff, but established professionals from various sectors will also appear. One show will even be co-hosted by the current executive president and co-founder of the social network, Reid Hoffman: it will be called The Start-Up of You and will talk about personal entrepreneurship.

LinkedIn made this decision because its first steps into the world of podcasts, with the Hello Monday series, were quite successful: the LinkedIn editorial team made it, and it offers a series of insights, reflections, news and updates on a world in constant evolution as is that of work. The shows are free and ad supported: currently the featured sponsor is IBM.

The social plan of integrate LinkedIn Podcast Network products into various areas of the platform, such as newsletters, live events, videos and text articles, in order to allow both hosts and listeners to continue the conversation on other channels and with other types of mediums. At the moment 12 shows are already available: four curated directly by the editorial staff, the other 8 in collaboration with various professionals. You can follow the SOURCE link at the bottom of the article for the summary landing page. However, distribution on other platforms is planned, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and so on.

For a few months now LinkedIn has been striving for attract content creators on its platform. Almost exactly one year ago he launched his own “Creator Program”, with the “mission of discovering, nurturing, nurturing and maintaining these important voices”.