Logitech super mouse in OFFERTA

A wireless mouse that works perfectly and doesn’t emit a single noise. This isn’t a dream, but it’s your opportunity to take home the coveted Logitech M220 for only € 12.99. The discount of 50% it practically halves the starting piece making the occasion more unique than rare.

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Logitech M220, the ultra-quiet wireless mouse

Small and compact, to always have behind it is a fantasy. You take it for a walk in exceptional comfort so you can pair it with your laptop without any hassle. Don’t limit yourself to this because of course works with all devices you have in mind. You have no limits in terms of either operating system or compatibility.

You connect it to the device using the micro USB receiver that you find in the package and you never get tired. With its design, the hand is accompanied for all hours of use. Plus, if you hadn’t noticed, he’s ambidextrous.

Loud clicks? Absolutely zero thanks to the mechanism that eliminates any noise and makes it extra quiet. You don’t even believe it when you first try it.

To complete like an icing on the cake, there is autonomy. This mouse works with a battery that you will literally forget about having to change. Know that each one gives you up to 18 months of use continuous. Virtually more than a full year.

What are you waiting for then? The promotion on Amazon may end any minute. Seize the opportunity, save 50% and take this Logitech mouse home for only € 12.99.

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