LOL 2: Who Laughs Is Out, the report cards of this year’s competitors

Lorenzo Delli

The first episodes of LOL 2: Who Laughs Is Out have been out for just over 24 hours on the Italian catalog of Prime Video, the streaming service from Amazon included in the Prime subscription. It is still early to give a final vote to the season or to decide which is the best of the two editions. The 2 final episodes will in fact be broadcast on March 3 nextand we expect a grand finale worthy of the name.

But we had fun creating some small report cards for each of the protagonists of this second season. The cast this year has an equal number of men and women, effectively creating a more balanced challenge. Among other things, it seemed to us that this year’s comedy is a bit less vulgar than the previous season (especially as regards the participants involved), perhaps also due to the incredible diffusion that the series had in 2021.

Watch out for SPOILER: to give an opinion on the comedians and actors involved we had to cite some key moments of the first four episodes. Let us know in the comments what you think of this first part of LOL 2: Who Laughs Is Out.

Tes Masazza

The useless – Never incisive, it stages a single sketch that lasts a few seconds. She doesn’t intervene, she doesn’t cooperate … she stands there, still, passive. Boh. The maximum of her comedy is to put two false teeth in place of the incisors.

Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli

The couple that doesn’t break out – High and (many?) Low for the husband and wife couple. They strive, but fall short of some of the holy monsters featured in LOL’s theater. Better Alice between the two, unfortunately she is also the first to go out.

Maria Di Biase

The medium – Kicks off one of the most beautiful sketches of these first four episodes, despairing (and risking heavily) for Guzzanti’s performance. However, there are no particular creative flashes, but at least it does not expire too much in the vulgar like some colleagues of the first season.

Diana Del Bufalo

The misunderstood – His way of doing comedy is not fully understood, perhaps even by the audience at home. He is probably intimidated by some of the holy monsters in the LOL theater. He might have some pretty good sketches in store.

Magician Forrest

The jester – It is the Helium of this edition. Always present, with nonsense jokes, sudden sketches and compromising photos. He hasn’t shone yet, and he may never shine, but he’s the perfect contender to have to weaken the ranks. He and Max Angioni form this year’s Elio / Matano duo.

Max Angioni

Wild Card – I thought worse! Nobody feared him, but playing cards are pretty good. Constantly proactive, he exploits the numbers of others and realizes him. He is the Frank Matano of this edition.

Virginia Raffaele

A warranty – A multifaceted artist who with her imitations still steals the show from everyone. During the séance and with the imitation of Marina Abramović she gives the best of herself. She has only one problem: she drinks often so as not to try to laugh, and having Guzzanti and, sometimes, Lillo around her doesn’t help. Let’s hope it doesn’t come out too soon.

Maccio Capatonda

The unshakable – It doesn’t laugh but it makes you laugh. He stages Father Maronno with the remains of the only (useless) sketch put up by Tes Masazza. He is always present, unpredictable and has a lot of fun. His weapons are the same as always, and they are infallible even in this context. The improvised number with Angioni is perfect.

Corrado Guzzani

The teacher – Terrible, in a good way. It stages its most famous characters and makes a massacre. He would have a great desire to laugh (and indeed a laugh escapes him), but as long as he resists among the competitors he is a real threat to everyone. Years later he also puts the new recruits in line. We can only be happy to see him at work again.

Fedez & Frank Matano

Matano laughs. Much. Too. But it’s not even his fault, it’s more the montage of the episodes that inserts his laughter everywhere, as if to forcefully make some scenes funny (which they would naturally) or to simulate the gregarious laughter of sitcoms. Fedez does the of him, as in the previous season. However, the couple works better than last year.

Lillo – Threat Avenger Level

When he enters dressed as Posaman the contestants stagger. Even Maccio is not immune to the most famous character from the previous edition of LOL. And not happy with Lillo, he invents another nonsense character. He could also return in the next few episodes, if the situation does not unblock quickly.