Lotus Type 132, new teaser of the electric SUV. Debut in the spring

The future of Lotus is dedicated to the electric. As we know, the British carmaker will debut four new electric models by 2026. The first will be unveiled as early as next spring. It will be a SUV at the moment known as Type 132. To keep the attention on the upcoming arrival of this very important model for its growth strategy, the brand has shared in recent days two new video teasers.

In the first titled Heart, we can glimpse the “pieces” of the SUV’s powertrain coming together. At the moment we have no particular information but the SUV should have high performance since it will rest on the Premium Architecture platform that allows you to build cars capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds. Platform that supports 800V architecture to be able to offer high power refills.

In the second teaser entitled Power, however, we see the design of the SUV’s rims. At first glance it seems that the rims adopt a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber. These new teaser videos are in addition to those that Lotus had shared in the past and that had hinted that the new electric SUV will have active aerodynamics and a LiDAR sensor for assisted driving capabilities.


Recently, the electric SUV prototypes were intercepted during some road tests. Although the camouflage is still heavy, it can still be noted that it will not be a large SUV as, instead, some renderings that had circulated on the net in the past had suggested.

All that remains is to wait for more information on the development of this car. Given that the presentation is expected in the spring, it is possible that news will emerge soon. Recall that after the Type 132, in 2023 the Type 133 will arrive, a coupe. Two years later, in 2025, it will be the turn of the Type 134, another electric SUV. Finally, a sports car will arrive in 2026, the Type 135, a model that will be developed in collaboration with Alpine.

[Foto spia: Ductile Iron BX via CarScoops]