Managed and free WordPress hosting: the new Altervista service

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In collaboration with Altervista

Altervista, one of the longest-running reference points on the Italian network scene, has just launched a new free WordPress hosting service that will appeal to many professional and non-professional users.

Free managed WordPress hosting

Altervista was founded in late 2000 and after more than 20 yearsa considerable period of time when compared to the world of internet and technology, still arises at the forefront in the field. The novelty he has just presented is based on the concept of web content hosting free via WordPress. In other words, you won’t need to install anything as all the necessary components are already included in the platform.

Main features

Among the main features on which the service is based we find the graphic interface based on the concept of Seamless designwith which it aims to guarantee the maximum fluidity possible by mainly passing through the loading of only the resources strictly necessary for viewing the contents. This way yes they will also reduce waiting times.

Another important feature of the new Altervista service is the equipment for all users of the system Million Page Cachewhich makes the navigation even during traffic peaks and for blogs and sites that exceed millions of page views every month.

In addition, Altervista also provides a free updating system for the sites managed in correspondence with the Web Core Vitals, the Google parameters, in order to keep the site constantly optimized over time. For those who intend buy a domainAltervista integrates this paid option.

Another very important aspect in today’s world is the management of cookies and personal data collected from websites. The Altervista service includes the cookie and privacy policy free of charge compliant with the GDPR and the new provisions of the Italian Privacy Guarantor.

For those looking for more personalized content, Altervista also includes gods premium graphic themes. Last but not least, the system, always included in the managed hosting service, of monetization: also in this house the user has to carry out a simple procedure to activate it and to monitor it over time. The system is also compatible with Google AdSense.

Managing hosting with WordPress means an additional benefit in terms of intuitiveness of the graphic interface of the editor, with a particular focus on i food bloggerwho will also have a tool that can automatically calculate the nutritional values ​​and the intake of macronutrients.

In general, all those who rely on the new Altervista service will also have an integration of Google Analytics to check in detail the progress and sources of traffic.

Here is a summary of everything on offer:

  • Seamless design
  • Million Page cache system
  • GDPR compliant cookie policy
  • AdSense compatible
  • Analytics integration

To whom it is directed

The new hosting service presented by Altervista is conceived for different categories of users: there are no particular technical procedures, therefore it is also suitable for those who are at the beginning and, being free, for those who do not have special resources to leave. Clearly, the flexibility in terms of domain purchase and more precise graphic customization make it compatible also for professionals with greater needs.

Compared to what is offered by social network At that time what changes? The contents shared on such services remain of property and I’m from responsibility of the creator. In addition, compared to social networks, such a service offers a more freedom in terms of presentation and personalization of content.

How to get started

Getting started really is simple, as you may have guessed from the previous paragraphs. Just go to the main platform and start creating your website or blog.

You will also be able to see some graphic examples web configurations from which you can choose, and it will also be possible to consult all the details on the technical options offered by the Altervista hosting service.

Regarding the system of monetizationthis will be activated once you have created your blog or website, but you can consult a practical summary on the main points to consider when approaching this path.