Musk leaves the super rich club with over $ 200 billion (he was the only member)

Even Elon Musk is no longer part of the very restricted club of the richest richest in the world, the one in which you enter with a fortune of no less than 200 billion dollars. Tesla’s number one was the only member until the beginning of this weekbut the decline in the car manufacturer’s share prices had a significant impact on the consistency of its assets.

In the last four days, Tesla’s shares have fallen, returning to the levels of September 2021. Parallel to this Musk’s assets fell by $ 13.3 billion to drop below the $ 200 billion mark. Musk’s wealth is now $ 198.6 billion. However, this is enough to allow him to retain the title of richest man on the planet, followed by Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault.


As mentioned a few days ago (see article above), Musk isn’t the only super rich to have gotten a “little poorer” in the past few months. It is a widespread and visible trend at a glance when looking at the Bloomberg ranking. He also contributes to determining the trend in the expectation for future moves by the Fed which could raise interest rates again in March to combat inflation. Selling stocks before the hike is a path taken by many super-rich, and the effects on their wealth are obvious.