Nasdaq 100: Could drop below 11,499 points

In the last session, the technological index closed with a strong fall of 2.60%, at 13,509.43 points. Today, the main European stock markets are trading with sharp falls, after confirming the entry of Russia into Ukraine. From Europe they promise harsh sanctions and investors react by seeking refuge assets, such as hard currencies or gold. Oil also rises strongly and for the first time since 2014 the barrier of 100 dollars a barrel for Brent.

The futures of the New York stock market indicate that the falls will continue today. The NASDAQ 100 chart shows a validated head-shoulder figure in yesterday’s session, with a theoretical minimum target at 12,756 points and another goal at 11,499 pointswhich would mean a drop of more than 12% from the levels it marked today first thing in the morning, according to the independent analyst Ramón Bermejo.

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