National Youth Card is free and brings many discounts for those under 35

Today February 24 on the IO app debuts the National Youth Card (CGN): this is a card that can be activated free of charge by all young people aged between 18 and 35, which allows for discounts and promotions for a large number of services.

Activating the National Youth Card is very simple, as long as you already have IO, the app for public services: after logging in (with SPID or CIE), just go to the section Walletwhere with a click it will be possible request the activation of the Card. After an immediate age check, you will find the National Youth Card among all (if any) other cards of the Wallet.

The National Youth Card can be used for live or online purchases with all partner companies that have already joined the initiative. The names are already several and are destined to increase over the next few months.

Furthermore, with the National Youth Card it will also be possible to access the concessions provided by the European EYCA circuit (European Youth Card), even if for the European initiatives the card is valid only until the end of 30 years (and not 35, as for the concessions in Italy).

Opening the National Youth Card from the Portfolios section and clicking on the button at the bottom Discover the benefits you can see all the discounts and initiatives enabled. Among the many available, as examples we point out:

  • AirBnb: 10% discount on a living room
  • Decathlon: 5% discount on rental rates
  • FreeNow: 5 free rides with the vehicle you prefer e € 5 discount for a taxi ride
  • ITA Airways: 15% discount on intercontinental flights e 20% discount on European flights
  • Italo: 30% discount on a train trip
  • Storytel: 6 months of free access
  • UCI Cinema: tickets for € 6.9 for all shows, excluding holidays

The conditions change for each partner and in many cases the discounts are valid for a limited period of time: to find out more about the initiatives, we recommend activating the National Youth Card and sifting through all the discounts available.

For more information, please refer to official site, to the FAQ and to Instagram page; at the top you can see the video presentation of the initiative, where Minister Fabiana Dadone talks with Geppi Cucciari.