Netflix announces the arrival of new interactive series

Netflix has confirmed its willingness to continue to focus on interactive series such as “Cat Burglar”. In this type of content, the viewer, through their answers, allows the story to continue and, moreover, depending on the same, there will be a different ending. For example, for “Cat Burglar”, there are six main endings: it is, that is, another incentive to convince users to replay.

Given the success of this type of content, the vice president of Netflix, Andy Weilduring an interview with “The Verge”confirmed that the platform will continue on this path: “The idea that you can interact with content is something we’re exploring across genres. Instead of just relaxing with a passive experience, we think it’s more fun to push on this content ».

It would seem, therefore, a confirmation that soon the catalog will be enriched with new interactive contents such as “Cat Burglar”, the animated series of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones – or the creators of the famous TV series “Black Mirror” – which has as protagonists a cat expert in museum theft and a dog in charge of security. The series, however, is recommended for adults.