New Wear OS Developer Preview: few new features for the graphical interface

Wear OS 3 represents the new frontier of Google’s operating system for wearable devices, launched with the Galaxy Watch 4 and which is expected to arrive soon for a wider audience of models. In the meantime we have to be satisfied with the previews for developers.

In the last few hours, Google has released a new update from the Developer Preview Wear OS, introducing some new graphics. The images you find in the gallery show the few innovations introduced: these are the app icons and system services installed on smartwatches, which now have a more consistent look it’s more customized. Also, system apps appear to have icons with uniform shade.

At the moment it seems that the customization of the icons has been made to the app Calendar, Wakes up, Hand wash timer, Settings And Stopwatch. The build associated with this version is the Wear OS 3.2.

In addition, the new developer version also introduces the security patch Android updated to March 2022. It remains to be seen when Google will start rolling out Wear OS 3 as a stable for all compatible devices.