NZXT is working on some kind of program for gamers: maybe for Linux?

Not only houses for computer, cooling systems water and other peripherals for i playersnow it appears that NZXT also want to enter the world of player programs. The company already offers “NZXT CAM” software, a gaming PC monitoring program that interfaces with its various components, but it now appears to be doing a next step.

NZXT jumped at the eyes GitHubthe well-known hosting service for software projects, where he requested an ID tag such as author named “NZXT” in the specification Vulkan XMLjustifying the request with the phrase: “NZXT is working on a software for gamers which will require the creation of a vulkan layer. Further details on this software they cannot be made public Right now .”

What are the Vulkan-based gaming software plans for now remains a mystery. It could very well be an implementation of their current programbut it is still not clear if these are their intentions or what their plans for a Vulkan level include, without considering the fact that being CAM NZXT already of public domainthey would have had no reason not to mention it in their request.

We just have to wait, it could be a program that makes things easier for Linux users like OpenRGB or KGrakenseen that at the moment NZXT does not offer any Linux software or driver, maybe. In any case, stay glued for more updates!