Official LEGO Vespa 125: an Italian myth celebrated with bricks

Directly from the museum Piaggio in Pontedera, the official status of LEGO Vespa 125the new LEGO set for adults inspired by the mythical Italian scooter model appreciated and celebrated all over the world.

The new set LEGO Vespa 125 # 10298 is composed by 1,106 bricks and reproduces the Vespa model marketed in the 1960s. The coloring is that pastel blue original. It is also a commemorative model, as it celebrates the 75 years of Vespa.

LEGO Fan Italy Group

Like the original, here too we find the front wheel mounted on one side, two seats, a removable cover that covers a brick engine, kickstand and working steering. To finish it all off the Vespa logo, a typical plate from the sixties, the spare wheel, a helmet and a basket of accessories on the back.

Once assembled, the LEGO Vespa measures 22cm high, 12cm long and 35cm wide.

LEGO Vespa 125 aims to be a set for the whole family, a set for LEGO fans for adults and also an heirloom for lovers of the Piaggio brand and the Vespa. AND Camillo MazzolaMarketing Director of LEGO Italy, to explain to us how often it is sets like this that rekindle the flame for Danish bricks and then revive the desire to buy new sets for adults.

We then exchanged a few words with Florian Muller, Group Designer, who oversaw the creation of this LEGO set in collaboration with Piaggio. About 10 people worked at various times on the creation of this set, coming to propose some different variants of the Vespa to Piaggio. It was Piaggio who chose this Vespa 125 from 1965 in the blue color, the same as a first example present in the museum of the engine house. Among the most interesting challenges in the creation of this set, as well as reproducing the rounded and sinuous shapes of the wasp, the creation of a rigid structure, which however guaranteed slenderness in the front part and also a handlebar that could rotate together with the front wheel.

A life-size replica of the Vespa 125 itself was also shown at the event, also made of LEGO bricks. To be precise, about 50,000 bricks.

Vespa 125 LEGO # 10298 will be available on the official LEGO store starting from 1 March next, in a few days then. The price is € 99.99. VIP LEGO users will receive 750 points with the purchase of the set.

Article produced with the support of Lorenzo Delli.