OnePlus has an “Oscar” in the pipeline, debuting in the second quarter

OnePlus is particularly busy in this period: it is working to bring its top range OnePlus 10 Pro to international markets after its debut in China, it is developing the new TWS earphones of the Northern line and, according to the latest rumors, also a new smartphone which could arrive in late spring. For the moment all we know about the product is about the code name, “Oscar“and the possible positioning.

The source from which the indiscretion derives states that the debut could take place during the second quarterso between April and June. It is hypothesized that Oscar could place itself a step below OnePlus 10 Pro (opening image), it could therefore be launched with the trade name of OnePlus 10, and this would confirm a return of the Chinese manufacturer to the strategy characterized by the launch of its high-end devices in ‘basic’ and Pro variant.

If so, Oscar could arrive on the market with some OnePlus 10 Pro features revised downward (for example, less sophisticated SoC and camera). However, this is a hypothesis to be confirmed also because Oscar will be one of the first smartphones launched after the merger with Oppo, and it is not certain that something of the previous strategy of OnePlus cannot change with the new products (including the scheme of the launch of the dual top of the range).

What is certain is that the intensification of the rumor on the arrival of the new products of the Chinese company confirms the rumors that would see it committed to increasing the pace of launches during the year, with a average of one device per month. Not only smartphones, but also wearables (smartwatches, smart bands and earphones) and TVs. It should be noted that it would be a strategy applied worldwide, so it is not certain that all products will reach Europe immediately.