Other than Flip, BOE doubles the possibilities with its new N-foldable screen!

The folding screens seem to have given new vigor to the inventiveness of the designer of phones and BOE, a leading Chinese screen manufacturer, usually announces new and inspired variations on the theme. Today he announced a new technology f-OLED of folding screens in the shape of an “N” that supports both fold inwards and outwards which allows the prototype to switch between 12.3 to 5.6 in.

When the flexible screen is fully opencan be used as a large space for entertainment and workalso thanks to the possibility of showing multiple windows at the same time, and can easily be transformed into one vertical platform for conferences and video calls.

When it screen is completely foldedthe shell can turn into a portable device with one thickness of 2 cm and a size of 5.6 inches. BOE said the product uses a sliding compensation hinge system which improves the strength of the module and ensures reliability during the inward and outward folding movement. BOE claims it can be folded 200,000 times inwards and 100,000 times outwards.

The sector is in great turmoil. Samsung should present a foldable tablet, the name of which is indicated as Galaxy Z Tabduring the first three months of 2022, perhaps during the Mobile Word Congress last week? We just have to wait, keep following us for other updates!