Patreon banna charity that financed Ukrainian soldiers: what happened

Patreon it defines itself “subscription platform that allows creators to easily receive payouts“Basically, it connects supporters with content creators, funded by paying a one-off amount, on a monthly basis or on the occasion of the publication of the content itself. Until a few hours ago, the Come Back Alive Foundation was active on Patreonan association born in 2014 with based in Kiev. It has now been suspended as “violates platform policies“.

This is the page that is displayed:

How Back Alive was engaged with in the collection of donations to train and finance Ukrainian military personnelas well as to buy weapons, helmets and other material to be used against the Russian army: more than 300,000 dollars have been raised since the war broke out.

  • The funds were used for […] more than 1500 tablets with Gunnya-Armor gunner software, 230 quadcopters, 45 mobile surveillance systems […]and more than 60 military vehicles;
  • the organization also pursues the creation and implementation of new technical solutions, including ‘artillery weapon models’;
  • 350 snipers, more than 2,000 military diggers and more than 3,000 gunners have been trained, and UAV operator training is underway.

The platform was clear: “Patreon is not allowed to be used to finance weapons or military activities“. And it is guaranteed that”all funds in the account will be refunded to contributors“It is also an invitation to contact charities such as the Ukrainian Red Cross or Voices of Children if you intend to give concrete help to the country.

As CNBC reports, Come Back Alive also uses other tools for fundraising, including bitcoin, but until now the path that passed through Patreon was considered the easiest to take, especially for lenders from other countries.

We will talk about the difficult situation in Ukraine during HDcafè broadcast on Twitch at 15:30: Anonymous, meanwhile, has openly declared (cyber) war on Putin. Modern weapons also pass from the network.

Credits opening image: Pixabay