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After having proposed, in recent days, what are the main Amazon offers dedicated to Lego sets, we return today to talk to you about another very rich line of toys, more recently also converted to the production of sets for adults, with some proposals with a flavor amarcord that, at least as far as our editorial team is concerned, won us over immediately!

We are talking, of course, of the Playmobil worldwhose sets are back on Amazon at very attractive prices, with one a very varied, broad and varied proposal which, we are sure, will be able to please everyone, both adults and children. Playmobilafter all, although often mistreated by most, it has managed, since the 1970s, to carve out a very clear slice of the market, thanks to an undeniable and timeless charm, even net of the unfortunate (and senseless) comparison with best known Lego bricks.

Sure, you will say, Legos have their own charm but, in our opinion, it is a comparison that does not exist as a Lego set, after all, is often something that can be exhibited and that’s it, on pain of the continuous collapse of joints and bricks. THE Playmobilinstead, they are durable and exquisitely designed for play and that’s why, for example, although the Legos are not poor in details, the models licensed by Playmobil (think of those dedicated to Ghostbusters) they are truly perfect reproductions of the originals, obviously in scale, but often also equipped with sounds and lights. In short: the bonanza of every good collector (and of every boy and girl of course).

And therefore, aware that there are crowds of lovers of gods out there Playmobilhere we are ready to offer you once again the results of our hunting trips under the banner of discounted products, with those that are the best sets Playmobil available at a discounted price on Amazon. As always we clarify that not all sets have really attractive discountsand indeed some are in the order of a few euros discount proposed, however we skilfully juggled the pages of the Bezos shop, asking our experts to select for you those that are the best promotionsso as to offer you a prospectus below containing only the discounts that are worth keeping an eye on.

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