PlayStation Plus, March games unveiled for PS4 and PS5: GTA Online a bonus

However, it is missing GTA Onlinebut don’t worry: the title it will actually be free for subscribers to PS Plus starting from launch (coinciding with GTA V for PS5), set for March 15. Simply, the agreement signed with Rockstar does not provide that it is traditionally included among the PS Plus games: it is therefore a sort of bonus for subscribers. GTA Online will then remain available in the PlayStation Plus library for three months, after which only those who have redeemed it will be able to continue playing it for free.

The classic quartet, however, allows itself to be appreciated above all for a title that stands out above the others, that is Ghost of Tsushima Legends (PS4 and PS5), one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives in recent history. Then there are also Ghostrunner (PS5), Team Sonic Racing (PS4 with PS5 compatibility) and finally ARK Survival Evolved (PS4 with PS5 compatibility). All games will be available starting from Tuesday 1st March until Tuesday 5th April 2022.