Polestar announces new partners to build a climate-neutral electric vehicle

Swedish carmaker Polestar has announced new partnerships to create ever more sustainable cars, that is, to provide electric vehicles that are truly “carbon neutral” during the entire life cycle. To pursue this goal, the project was announced in 2021 “Polestar 0”which has recently been enriched with new protagonists (the search for new partners is always open).

As stated by the Swedish brand itself – launched in 2017 as a new jointly owned business between Volvo Cars Group and Geely Holding – the Swedish company joined the project “Hydro“to produce carbon-neutral aluminum;”ZF“, which will study solutions on the electric powertrain in order to eliminate carbon emissions;”Autoliv“Instead, it will focus on producing sustainable seat belts and airbags; the manufacturer”ZKW“Finally, it will contribute to the development of zero-impact electronic control and wiring systems.

Hans Pehrsonhead of the “Polestar 0” project, talked about the progress of the project and what its success could mean for the entire automotive industry: “The solutions we develop will not only benefit the automotive industry, but will also help decarbonise manufacturing and society. Everywhere we look in the world, we see materials such as steel, aluminum, electronics and rubber. Imagine when we can make these materials climate neutral to produce. Together, we can make the seemingly impossible happen ”.