Portal: Valve’s new free game makes up for the absence of the third chapter

A possible third chapter of Portal at the moment it has not yet been announced and it is unlikely to happen. Valve, however, does not seem to have finished with the narrative universe of the puzzle game, so much so that the company has in fact unveiled a new spin-off, completely free, set in the game world of the historic IP that has been able to conquer millions of players.

What are we talking about? Of Aperture Desk Job, a game (or rather, a playable experience) intended for Steam Deck. According to the description on the Steam page, the new title from Valve is a sort of walking simulator, which gives new life to the genre. “Step into the shoes of a very low-level employee on his first day at work, with a heart full of hope and legs full of dreams, ready to climb the corporate hierarchy. But life has other plans for you, and they all have to do with the seats, ”reads the dedicated page to the new game set in the Portal universe.

The Aperture Desk Job release date is set for March 1, 2022. Considering that it will serve to introduce players to the Steam Deck (although in reality you can also play on any PC), the release date is perfectly consistent: the new console from Valve was in fact shipped yesterday and should arrive to players around next month.

Aperture Desk Job

While winking at the fans, constantly citing the third chapter of Portal on the Steam page of Aperture Desk Job, it is good to remember that at the moment Valve has no plans to work on a possible sequel to the puzzle game. As we have seen with Half-Life: Alyx, in fact, the strategy of Gabe Newell and associates would seem to make the most of new technologies to offer new gameplay experiences. The launch of Steam Deck probably isn’t enough to have a new chapter in the original franchise. We are satisfied, however, with the spin-off: better than nothing, right?

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