possible drops in March 2022?

After an encouraging January, February isn’t exactly a lucky month for those who were expecting gods new PS5 drops. The “appearances” of Sony’s next-gen console at major retailers have been rather sporadic and the hope is that for March 2022 the trend may reverse.

In today’s article, let’s try to figure out when the PlayStation 5 will be able to return available at a chain like GameStop which, after a great start, has recently not made available new PS5. From a certain point of view it is good news, since this aspect could pave the way for new upcoming availability.

Drop PS5 GameStop in March 2022 – the dates to bet on

GameStop’s modus operandi has been pretty clear for now: associate the drop of new PS5 to the official episodes of the GameStopTVwhich airs on Twitch every Wednesday of the month, except for particular changes as happened in February. Generally, however, midweek is the designated day for the show.

We suggest keeping an eye on the following dates: March 2, March 9, March 16, March 23 and March 30, 2022. The last times PlayStation 5 was made available by GameStop coincided with the second part of the weekly GameStopTV episode, usually around 5pm.

Now, so far the chain has adopted the strategy of bundlebut after the recent fine, it cannot be excluded that it may even decide to sell the “smooth” consoles at their list price or perhaps with less rich and expensive bundles.

PS5 Amazon March 2022

Purchase PS5 from Amazon or other chains

Of course, like every month, hope is also placed in other chains and online stores, starting with Amazonwhich continues to guarantee a sort of priority to Prime subscribers, at least until March 31, 2022. Also beware of MediaWorld and Unieuro, which could surprise us with sudden PS5 drops.

And then not even other chains like Trony, GameLife, Comet, Expert and Euronics. Who knows is not one of these to “give” the opportunity to finally buy a much desired PlayStation 5.

Good luck!