pros and cons of retractable decoders

The new DTT is now upon us and all over Italy from 8 March 2022 the channels will be broadcast through coding technology Mpeg-4. So much quality for everyone thanks to the fact that the images and audio will arrive in high definition (HD). Obviously, in order to receive all the programming, it is necessary to have a device compatible with the new technology.

That’s why we hear a lot about the so-called these days retractable decoder. It is a decoder for receiving digital terrestrial DVB-T2 HEVC Main 10 almost invisible that disappear behind the TV. Let’s find out what they are and, especially if you are planning to buy one, the advantages and disadvantages.

Digital terrestrial: what are retractable decoders

If you also have a TV that is not compatible with the new one DTT you are considering whether it is worth changing your TV or just buying a digital decoder. The choice of the latter could be advantageous in case your television is still beautiful and performing. Maybe you have a 66 ″ inch that is wonderful, or even if smaller, you are fond of it because the qualitative yield is excellent.

So, to face the arrival of digital terrestrial, you are ready to buy a decoder, but the idea of ​​having a box placed on the cabinet under your TV does not excite you at all. They could therefore come to your aid i retractable decoder.

These are real decoders for the DTT which are slightly larger than a USB stick only that the difference is in the attack that is HDMI. They weigh just over 30 or 40 grams and do their job very discreetly. However with them they bring advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through them together.

pros and cons

So let’s see all the pros and cons of these retractable digital terrestrial decoder. We specify that this is not a technical analysis of the reliability of these products, which in any case all do their job, but of aspects that could transform the purchase into an excellent choice or, as the case may be, into a limit.

Let’s start with the benefits. It is evident that the size make these appliances attractive for those who have a TV hung in the living room or in any room that is confused with the furnishing accessories. These decoders hide very well because they connect to the HDMI port of the device.

While they don’t offer advanced technology, they perform very well when broadcasting channels. There visual quality it is indisputable and can be managed with a single remote control, theirs, which usually, through some steps, also manages to control the television.

Instead, regarding the disadvantages we have to start by saying that to be powered they need a TV with a plug USB. Otherwise you will have to connect it to a smartphone charger, but you will then have a plug to annoy you, thus losing the purpose of the retractable digital terrestrial decoders.

Another limit, as already mentioned, concerns the technology. There are decoders on the market that allow you to record broadcasts, save images and more. Unfortunately, the retractable decoder technology loses some of these features, not all of them, precisely because it would be difficult to concentrate everything in such a small space.

If you are still convinced, there are so many retractable digital terrestrial decoder very affordable waiting for you. The offers are really interesting, given the excited period of the next switch off.