Put a PC on your wrist with this smartwatch at 26 € by Xiaomi

The classic product of the ecosystem Xiaomiwhich must be discovered in order to appreciate it, is this exceptional smartwatch. The Haylou GST is so complete as to be a small wrist PC, thanks to the super large 1.69 ″ display.

You pair it with your smartphone, through the excellent application, and then you can manage a lot of everyday aspects without having to take the terminal from your pocket. A valid wrist assistant for the management of notifications and alerts, a personal trainer that keeps track of your performance and even a very useful monitor for health.

Unthinkable, were it not for the miracles discounted on Amazonthink of taking it home for just about € 26. Check the coupon on the page and complete your order now to get it at a great price. Shipping will not be a problem: they are fast and free, offered by Prime services.

An exceptional smartwatch by Xiaomi: so much for very little

A sober and fresh design, perfect to combine with any outfit. From the most elegant to the sportiest. L’large panel it is perfectly suited to manage daily activities from the wrist, without straining the eyes. Monitor incoming notifications, reminders,identity of whoever calls you and not only. Quickly, you will realize that most of the time you check your smartphone, you are only wasting time. Now you can unmark everything from your wrist, optimizing times.

While exercising, rely on your personal trainer. Choose the workout you prefer, start the session and let him keep track of your results. This wearable supports well 12 sports modes different.

Again, as anticipated it is an excellent monitor for the health. Check your heart rate whenever you want, but that’s not all. The device also integrates the functionality of oximeter: check the amount of oxygen in your blood when you wish. Again, thanks to the excellent energy autonomy, it will not be necessary to recharge it every evening: leave it on your wrist and monitor the quality of your night’s rest.

In short, this smartwatch part of the ecosystem Xiaomi it is an exceptional product. At this price, this is an unmissable deal, which you can do right on Amazon: check the coupon on the page and complete the order to get it for just about € 26. Shipments are absolutely fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services. Limited time offer, it will last a few hours.

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