Radiator that becomes SMART: with this gadget you CAN

Do you dream of a completely smart home? What can I tell you, even your radiator can convert. With a smart valve like this from Netatmo, the game is done and if you take advantage of it, you also save money. These products are very expensive but luckily Amazon always holds the game for you. For this reason I’m offering it to you, thanks to the discount you take it home with just € 71.99 and you are a fairy tale.

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Smart radiator: you only need this product to transform it

Have you ever heard of a WiFi thermostatic valve? It puts it on your radiator and in a minute makes the management of the heating efficient at the highest levels.

It is not unusual to have a home that is warmer in one place and freezes in another. Thanks to this product you do not consume gas in excess, but rather make the house bill much easier. Given the current times …

Especially this one I’m offering you is smart because it has a WiFi module inside, you can then adjust any setting directly from your smartphone. The surprises do not end here seen and considered that it is completely compatible with Alexa And Google and then you also use your voice to adjust temperatures, ignitions and so on.

smart radiator

Ready to make your home even more functional? Buy your WiFi thermostatic radiator valve on Amazon on the fly, if any take advantage now you pay just € 71.99 thanks to the discount in progress. Shipments are fast and free throughout Italy thanks to the Prime services guaranteed to subscribers.

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