Remember Amazon’s Astro robot? Users show what they can do, like bring beer

In November of last year, Amazon presented Astro, his smart robot for the house which for the moment is possible purchase by invitation only in United States at the price of $ 999 for early buyers (1.499.99 the final price). Now early adopters have started to stream their videos showing what the home assistant can do. Bob Rekieta uploaded this video of his Astro leaving after being ordered to the tavern with a beer.

So Astro is told to “find Celeste“and the robot tilts the screen disarmingly as it looks around with its circular” eyes. “It executes the command, finding the tenant in need of beer and displaying” Hello Celeste “on the screen as he looks at it.

Matthew Nereim, a fifth grade teacher in Florida, spoke with Bloomberg of his experiences with his Astro, saying that he likes to control the robot from the phone and tease his dog, as well as proudly show him to friends who take him for a little C1P8 (the little robot from Star Wars).

There is no shortage of problems, however. Among these, the difficulty of the robot in finding its charging base and whenever it is close to stairs, even if he has not yet launched himself down. Nereim also told Bloomberg that he thinks the retail price of $ 1,449.99 is a bit high.

What to say, Star has a lot of functions, cameras, remote control, talking, listening, making video calls, recognizing faces and delivering objects to specific people. There are also options for the home security with the Ring Protect Pro subscription, but $ 1500 to carry a can of beer around the house seems a little too much. And you, what do you think?