Remember Sony’s answer to the Game Pass? It may tempt you to buy new stocks

We talked in December of Spartacusthe answer of Sony to the Xbox Game Pass, indicating how he would divide the benefits offered by PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus in three different plans subscription. Now they have leaked more details on prices and some characteristics of these plans.

According to the site VentureBeatthe three levels should be called Spartacus Essential, Extra and Premium, with prices that should be respectively 10, 13 and 16 dollars per month. But here it gets interesting. With his Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft decided to offer new games as part of your subscription, but that means there are few incentives to buy new stocks. It seems Sony is adopting a bit more technique subtle with Spartacus.

The first two floors will be the PlayStation Plus, which will remain practically the same as now in terms of price and features andExtrawhich will cost $ 13 a month and will also include a catalog of hundreds of older titles. The most expensive plan from 16 dollarsinstead, referred to as Premiumwill bring the streaming capabilities of PS Now, with a library of classic games and, done more Interestinga function called “game trial“which will allow you to play new PS titles prior to their release. If it’s similar to EA’s Play Trials, you will be able to play a new title for a set number of hours.

This seems like a way to tempt users to the purchase of novelties with the trial period. The CEO of Sony, in fact, had said that “to insert new releases costing hundreds of millions to develop into a subscription service is not sustainable“.

Let us remember that these are rumors leaked from inside sources, so they may change or not turn out to be true. Spartacus, meanwhile, should enter the test phase in the coming weeks, even there is talk of a launch for springso stay tuned for more previews!