Russia blocks Twitter from its citizens – here’s why

Now on the third day of invasion of Ukraine by Russia, there seem to be some news on the front of social platforms for Russian citizens. For these types of users, access to Twitter is blocked or strongly constricted.

According to the high number of reportslike that of a BBC reporter and of those collected by TwitterRussia would stand limiting, strongly hindering and even blocking access to Twitter from your country. The rationale behind this restriction has not been reportedbut it’s clearly imaginable for a country that is doing the war to another and who finds himself facing winds of protests and dissent even in your own home.

And Twitter it is not the first social network hit by this wave of restrictions. A few hours ago some Russian state media were ousted from Facebookwith the motivation of having violated “the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens“.

Twitter said of be aware of the limitations for its users in Russia and also reported of be at work to ensure a free and safer access possible to its social platform.

In a dramatic context like that of the ongoing war it is the role of social media is also fundamental as a means of information. There are discordant versions about the real situation of the conflict, and the dramatic loss of life it is causing, by the two countries involved. Come on Russian media it seems that the greatest criticalities are in the breakaway regions, in relation to refugees, while from Ukraine let’s see it arrive dramatic numbers, videos and images that testify to a different and more bloody situation.

Currently on the Ukrainian territory access to the internet and social networks it is still free and free from restrictions or limitations.