Russia threatens Europe and the US: “What if the ISS falls on your heads?”

As if an ongoing war on all fronts between Russia and Ukraine and the verbal and economic battle with Europe and the USA had not heated the climate in the world, to exacerbate the temperatures of this end of February 2022 is the director of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, that is the number one of the Russian space agency. Not one without hair on his stomach, a 58-year-old with a great deal of experience who, as a former Vice-President of the Government of the Russian Federation, should know self and when it’s time to add fuel to the fire.

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24 Feb

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25 Feb

According to Rogozin, evidently, the tone of the international confrontation was elevated to a unprecedented level in recent European history. The offensive by the director of Roskosmos is staged on Twitter, a few minutes after the speech in which US President Biden, on the day of the attack in Ukraine, goes down hard announcing that the new sanctions will undermine Russian space aims. Does the United States intend to block access to radiation resistant microelectronics and technology? Well, writes a scornful Rogozin, we will do everything at home. The world will do without Russian rockets, “the most reliable in the world”to send their spacecraft into orbit? We will make a reason, is the substance of his answer.


And if on the first points the tones certainly did not give up on treading the hand, it is on the following that Rogozin brings the tone of the clash to the apex.

You want to stop cooperation on the ISS […] or do you want to manage the international space station yourself? Perhaps it should be explained to President Biden that the correction of the orbit the station needs to avoid collisions with the space debris, with which your talented businessmen have polluted the near-Earth orbit, is produced exclusively by engines of the Progress MS cargo ships. By blocking cooperation with us, who will save the ISS (which hosts two Russian astronauts on board, ed) from an uncontrolled deorbit and who will prevent it from falling on the United States or Europe? The possibility exists that the 500-ton scaffolding will fall in India, or China. Do you want to threaten them with a similar perspective? The ISS does not fly over Russia, so the risks are yours. You are ready?


The invective continues with a “frontal attack” on Biden, but a small incision is required. Rogozin brings up Alzheimer’s disease which is written and pronounced in Russian Alzgeimera term that contains a clear assonance with English gamer. Thus, for the director of Roskosmos, the Russian Alz-geimer is a “” nice “” term to identify a player who is not at the peak of his intellectual faculties.

Gentlemen, when planning the sanctions, it should be checked that those who have them do not have Alzheimer’s disease in order to prevent the sanctions from falling on your head, and not just figuratively. Therefore, for now, as a partner, I suggest that you do not act like an irresponsible gambler, that you disavow the “Alzheimer’s sanctions” claim. It is friendly advice.