Samsung brings the Object Eraser feature to the Galaxy S10 series

Last year Samsung has introduced a new feature for the improvement of photographs in post-production, called “Object Eraser” (in Italian rendered as “Object Rubber”) and launched on the market with Galaxy S21. This function now also arrives on the series Galaxy S10launched by Samsung in 2019.

Object Eraser is a very convenient tool that allows you to remove unwanted people, objects or other elements from a photograph, in post-production, using artificial intelligence. This is very similar to the Magic Eraser present on Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro Of Googlewhich we have talked about on these pages in the past.

The Object Eraser feature arrives on the Galaxy S10 series

Initially this feature was exclusive of the new top range from Samsung, such as the smartphones of the series Galaxy S21the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the smartphones of the brand new series Galaxy S22. The South Korean brand has decided to extend the compatibility of this elegant photo editing tool to older models, designating the series Galaxy S10 as before the list in the feature reception.

Samsung recently released, via the proprietary store Galaxy Storeupgrade to version of your application Photo Editor which brings the Object Eraser function to the Galaxy S10.

How to activate Object Eraser

Screenshot of Samsung's Photo Editor Labs screen

The procedure for activating Object Eraser (Object Eraser) is very simple:

  • Open the Tunnel on your Galaxy S10 and select the photo you want to edit.
  • Press the pencil icon located at the bottom to open the Photo Editor.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner and enter the section Labspresent in the list.
  • Within the Labs section, simply activate the function Rubber object (as shown in the GIF on the side).
  • At this point, returning to the photo editing screen, an eraser will appear in the bottom row (next to the icons to draw on the photo, to add text, etc.).

How to update the Photo Editor app

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10eyou can try Object Eraser by proceeding with the application update Photo Editor Of Samsung through its proprietary store Galaxy Store.

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