Samsung Galaxy A73, A53, A33 and A23, new confirmations on the technical data sheets

The specifications of four smartphones were leaked a few hours ago Samsung midrange – in practice i main protagonists of the Galaxy A family for 2022: the Galaxy A23 5G, the Galaxy A33 5G, the Galaxy A53 5G and the Galaxy A73 5G. No images, and it could be argued that in more than one case (especially A53 and A73) the leaks are more confirmations than anything else given the amount of information that has already emerged in the past, but better one more confirmation than one less, especially when it arrives from sources that have proven to be reliable over time. Here are the details, in summary:

So all-round 5G and high refresh even in the cheapest devices; another point in common is the excellent 5,000 mAh battery. The source does not specify timing and prices, but we know that at least for the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 it will probably be talked about. already next month – it is not impossible to hypothesize an announcement during the MWC 2022 in Barcelona, ​​which is now very close.