Samsung Galaxy S22 will cost more than expected

As we get closer to the time of the official presentation of the series Samsung Galaxy S22, scheduled for next month, in Net the rumors that try to anticipate the alleged main characteristics of the new smartphones of the Korean giant are becoming more and more insistent.

In the past few hours, it has been the Korea Times to dwell on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, reporting news that will not be welcomed by those who eagerly await these devices: it seems that the Korean giant due to the lack of semiconductor supply will be forced to raise the list prices of new phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones may cost more

According to insiders, the difficulties generated by the Coronavirus pandemic for the chip manufacturing sector will only increase prices for end-users,

After all, in recent months the cost of the components has risen, so much to increase between 30% and 40% for the display and the touchscreen sensors or from 10% to 15% for the chips that manage the power supply and for the image sensors.

It seems, however, that that relating to the increase in the price list of Samsung Galaxy S22 is not a final decision and this because the Korean giant may still prefer to offer the new generation of smartphones at a price similar to the previous one, to be able to keep up with the competition companies and in particular Apple and Xiaomi, who has made no secret of aspiring at the top of the ranking of mobile manufacturers.

In essence, the Korean giant seems to be between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand the increase (in some cases even considerable) in the cost of components and, on the other hand, the risk of losing market share (especially in Emerging countries) in case it should raise the price of its new devices too much. Next month we will find out which solution Samsung will have decided to focus on.

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