Samsung Galaxy S4 now has Android 12 thanks to modding

In unsuspecting times, Samsung has extended the software support of its flagship models, but in this case we are talking about a smartphone that goes far beyond even those limits: Samsung Galaxy S4 had arrived on the market in April 2013 and now, thanks to the magical world of modding, can run Android 12.

In short, after seeing the complete porting of One UI 4.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 and the custom ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is time to rewind the tape a little more.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is once again the subject of community care and this time the custom ROM chosen by JDCTeam is the popular and highly regarded LineageOS. In particular, we are faced with a build unofficial – by visiting the official page of the device on the site of the ROM you can see how the most recent official build is a nightly of version 18.1 – of the LineageOS 19.0 based on Android 12 which is marked as “Preview“.

In the dedicated thread, the developer does not get lost in particular preambles and immediately lists the things that are already working properly, which are:

  • Wifi
  • SIM card and calls
  • UI
  • adb
  • charging
  • audio
  • microphone and audio recording
  • reboot / shutdown via menu

Also follows the list of things that don’t work, namely:

  • camera (but the developer says he knows how to fix it)
  • home button to wake up the smartphone
  • Bluetooth (the developer thought he had already fixed it and it doesn’t).

Do you still have in your hands – or more likely in a drawer – an archaic Samsung Galaxy S4 and would you like to try installing Android 12? Below you will find the link to the official thread with the file to download. As always, only proceed if you are aware of what you are doing.

[JDCTeam][Preview] LineageOS 19.0 for Samsung Galaxy S4 (jfltexx) -UNOFFICIAL

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