Samsung has sold millions of devices with a security flaw

Let’s give Caesar what is Caesar’s, it must be recognized, Samsung is one of the fastest producers from the point of view of the release of updates, be they versions of its interface or security patches; the news that we report today refers precisely to the security area, in fact it seems that the Korean giant has, in recent years, sold several devices afflicted with a security problem. Let’s see what it is.

Various generations of Samsung smartphones have had the same problem

According to a report conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University, which you can see here, it seems that several devices have been sold with a problem that would have allowed hackers to steal sensitive user information. In fact, it seems that the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 models did not store the cryptographic keys correctly, exposing the information stored in them (for example passwords) to possible theft.

So if I have one of these devices do I need to worry? The answer actually is ni as Samsung, made aware of the problem, has immediately plugged the flaw with the release of the August 2021 security patches, also solving a subsequent vulnerability with the October 2021 patches. In practice, if your device has received these security patches, you can rest assured, you are no longer exposed to this vulnerability; against if your smartphone is an older model, and therefore no longer supported by Samsung even with security patches, you are most likely still afflicted by this problem. The alternative in this case, if for any reason you do not want to abandon the phone in question, could be that of turning to the magical world of modding which, in addition to modernizing and probably improving the performance of your device, in most cases allows you ongoing support from the point of view of the release of the security patch.