Samsung ready to fix Galaxy S22 Ultra display problem

That the smartphones just presented may have some youthful bugs is a far from remote occurrence and not even a premium model like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has escaped it: an annoying problem Of display flickering has been reported by several users of the Exynos variant – which is also sold by us – in some common use scenarios and now the South Korean manufacturer has made it known that the fix is ​​coming.

Unlike the lack of the microSD slot, which Samsung has remedied with new USB-C pen drives with minimal dimensions, the problem we talked about in recent days is not a physical one, so the solution must also be of the type software.

As we told you, some Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with SoC Exynos 2200 are plagued with a bug which results in the display flickering on the lock screen and when playing YouTube videos. In particular, as shown in the following video from Twitter, a pixelated horizontal line appears in the upper portion of the screen, corresponding to the clock widget. The problem only occurs when the display is set to QHD + and Natural screen mode.

Well, fortunately it seems that the problem is running out of time: as you can see from the screenshot from the official Samsung forum, a moderator has announced that they had received an official response: the South Korean manufacturer says he is aware of the problem, has already worked on the patch needed to fix it and that the software update containing the fix will be released shortly.

The wait, therefore, should be running out. In the meantime, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in your hands and you have come across this annoying bug, the manufacturer recommends that you fix it momentarily by lowering the resolution to Full HD + or switching to Vivid screen mode (“Settings> Display> Screen Mode“).

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