Smart, compact camera that knows more than you do: € 24 is a bargain

A deal don’t miss out on Amazon if you have been thinking about enhancing security with a video camera for a long time. This one by TP link is of a unique quality and in promotion you can take it home with very little: 24 euros and a few cents to sleep peacefully even when you are away.

There is no time to waste, find out what it is capable of. I tell you: if you take advantage of it on the fly, the shipments are so fast and that in one or two days it arrives home, at no additional cost with Prime.

Surveillance camera: small but bestial

This surveillance camera was conceived by some madman because it is complete with everything and does not make you miss anything. Absolutely a plus for you, but for what it costs it’s really a closed-eye bargain.

With its small size you can put it wherever you want and count that it also goes unnoticed. Plug it in, plug in the Wifi e tac: is ready to function as a personal Swiss Guard. In fact, with theapplication on the smartphone you always know what’s going on in your apartment.

All this, however, is also guaranteed by the ultra-ingenious sensors it integrates and coupled with the lens Full HD, they work great. In particular I tell you that he has:

  • there night vision;
  • the motion detector which sends you an instant notification;
  • L’two-way audio to be able to listen and even speak from a distance.

Inside, you slip one into it MicroSD so you save all the videos without losing even one, what are you waiting for?

video camera

In my opinion it is to be taken on the fly and if you too are of this ideaconnected with a click on the Amazon page and buy it now. You can take the camera of your dreams home for only € 24.81. Shipments are fast and free throughout Italy.

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