Sony Bravia XR 2021 TV: Variable Refresh Rate is expected to arrive in March

Sony should finally bring Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to TVs in the 2021 range at the beginning of March. VRR is a feature announced in conjunction with the presentation of the Bravia XR OLED and LCD televisions at CES 2021. Its implementation evidently took longer than expected: adding the new features introduced with HDMI 2.1 turned out to be a not so simple task. , as evidenced also by the firmware that brought support for Ultra HD 120 Hz signals on the XH90 series.

VRR is a technology linked to the world of video games: its activation allows you to vary the refresh rate to view the frames on the screen without the need to respect predetermined intervals, in order to avoid the occurrence of defects such as “tearing” (the images seem torn into two parts that do not fit perfectly), the “stuttering” (sudden drops in fluidity) and the increase in input lag (the response time to commands). With VRR active it is in fact the source that dictates to the TV the times for updating the frames.

The firmware release should include all VRR compatible Bravia XR 2021 TVs:

Bravia XR OLED

Bravia XR LCD

  • Z9J
  • X95J
  • X94J
  • X93J
  • X92J
  • X90J
  • X89J
  • X85J