Soon you will have one less launcher on PC: closes

Bethesda is preparing to say goodbye to its PC launcher the application will no longer be usable and players will be able to switch to Steamobviously without losing games and credits, which will be seamlessly transferred to Valve’s software.

Players will be able to start switching to Steam as early as April: “the migration to Steam it will include your game library and walletwhich means you won’t lose anything on your account you can read on the company’s website. For most of the games they will be carried over also their respective bailoutswhile for the others it will be necessary to move automatically.

To play, you will still need to use your credentials: the Betsheda account will not be lost and will also be supported by the company’s future titles. Over the next month, the software house will issue precise instructions for migrationbut in the meantime we advise you to take a look at the FAQ published on official site.