STALKER 2 developers launch an appeal on social networks

We woke up this morning with the dramatic news of the attack by Russian forces on theUkraine. The situation, which is precipitating by the hour, has also sparked the reaction from GSC Game World, developer of STALKER 2which on social networks has launched an appeal to the world.

The Russian Federation has declared war on Ukraine. The future is unknown, but we have faith in our armed forces and in our country. We ask everyone: do not stand aside and help those in need“.

The message is then accompanied by the number of a current account to which donations can be made in support of the Ukrainian army.

Through pain, war, fear and inhuman cruelty, Ukraine will persevere. As she always has“.

Crisis Ukraine, the reaction of the STALKER 2 studio and other local developers

GSC Game World is based in Kiev, the capital that has become a symbol of the dramatic situation that is affecting Ukraine in these hours. Obviously, the one launched by the developers of STALKER 2 is not the only appeal that comes from the country.

Frogwaresthe study author of The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes, writes:

We cannot stand and watch. Russia attacks our homeland e denies the sovereignty of Ukraine. We are trying to stay safe, but this is a war, there is no second option. We ask everyone to force Putin to withdraw from our land

We are one peaceful nation, and in all these years of gaining our independence, we have never attacked or threatened anyone. Due to this situation, our work will be damaged and our lives can be destroyed“.

Same understandable tenor comes from other teams, like Vostok Gamesfounded by former GSC Game World employees who publish a tweet depicting the Ukrainian flag, in the hope that we will be able to go back from what unfortunately seems a point of no return.