Strike by truckers, the price of diesel is rising again

THE fuel prices continue to rise, so much so as to arouse the ire of haulierswhich in Italy they organized one all-out strike to protest against the excise duties on fuel, in particular the diesel fuela fundamental element to guarantee road transport that takes place every day with thousands of trucks circulating throughout the country.

Transport companies are slowly joining the initiative, and to date second Gianni Nuzzipresident of the consortium of carriers Gaa as well as president of a transport company, would be more than 600 vehicles stopped for protest. There reduction of the tax burden on diesel, this is the request made by truck drivers who find themselves in difficulty in the face of the ever-increasing costs of fuel. The protests have a direct impact on viability in certain areas of Italy, such as in Puglia, on the state road 613 Lecce-Brindisi where a stretch of about 10 km it was slowed down by truckers occupying the road at low speed.

But Puglia is not alone: ​​yesterday, February 23, a Ravennain Porto San Vitale, there was a protest of truck drivers who they blocked the port from the first light of dawn, to protest against the price of fuel, anti-Covid restrictions and the Green pass. Similar scene also to Palermo And Caltanissettaas well as in Caserta on the A1 motorway slowing down traffic.

There is also solidarity on the part of manufacturing companies that are directly affected by the increases, such as La Molisanathe Italian pasta producer, which joined the truckers’ strike e has stopped productionwithout having communicated a certain date for the reopening of the factories: the protests will continue as long as the voices of the hauliers are not heard, and measures are not put in place to counter the continuous increase in the price of diesel.

There is also no shortage of accidentswhich involved truck drivers and motorists who find themselves bottled up due to the protests: on state road 16 in Foggia, a hauler was hit by a stabbing weapon alongside – fortunately without serious consequences.