The Batman: the Bat-Signal arrives on Google

Fans of the Dark Knight can now get the Bat’s attention thanks to Google. On the occasion of the release of The Batman, Google through an easter egg allows you to turn on a Bat-signal, which will hover on our screen. The new film dedicated to the Gotham Crusader will be released in Italian cinemas on March 3, and this homage from Google is yet another demonstration of how much the myth of the Gothamite superhero is an integral part of pop culture.

On the occasion of the release of The Batmanon Google we can use the Bat-Signal

The Bat-signal easter egg on Google on the occasion of The Batman is also a sign of how 2022 can be a year of great importance for the DCEU, the cinematic universe of the heroes of DC Comics. In addition to the highly anticipated The Batman, where we will see the Dark Knight face historical nemeses such as the Riddler and the Penguin, the film year will also lead us to follow the adventures of The Flashwhere we will have the opportunity to see Michael Keaton’s timeless Bats in action again, starring in Batman And Batman – The Return by Tim Burton.

But how can we activate the Bat-Signal that Google has dedicated to The Batman? Just do a search dedicated to the Dark Knight, entering requests like ‘Bruce Wayne’, ‘Gotham City’ or a simpler ‘Bat-Signal’. On our screen we will see a Bat-Signal appear that will move simulating the traditional light call used by Commissioner Gordon to request the help of the Dark Knight. Who knows if Jeffrey Wright, who plays Gordon in The Batman, will also have the opportunity to use this historic Batman gadget.

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Regarding this tribute to The Batmanreached by Vanity Fair the Google offices have confirmed that this operation was not wanted by Warner Bros as a promotion of the film coming out next week, but was born as a sign of affection and respect for the character, specifying that the function will remain operational throughout the year.