The Batman: The movie is approaching and Google turns on the Bat-Signal

The film will be the longest ever among those starring the bat man, but fortunately the wait is now short: Thursday 3 March The Batman, the film directed by Matte Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, will arrive in Italian cinemas. And a week in advance Google turned on the Bat-Signal with one of his easter eggs.


To welcome the silhouette of the bat will therefore not be Gotham night, but the monitors of anyone who wants to take off the whim of summoning the Dark Knight, not even a butler like Alfred. The Bat-Signal will appear in Google search but only with specific keywords: Bruce Wayne, Gotham City, Bat-signal And Caped Crusader.

At this point, the Bat-Signal will appear on the results page. To turn it on, just click on it and then enjoy the short and nice animation that darkens the screen and shows first the luminous call, then a grappling hook darting from one side of the screen to the other, and finally the silhouette of Batman. If you want to get a more substantial idea of ​​what the film has in store, which will retrace the footsteps of the young Bruce Wayne, you should, however, take a look at the trailer below.

2022 will be a particularly eventful year, apparently, for Gotham City: we remind you that this year the new film dedicated to Batgirl is also scheduled to be released, of which some images of the set were leaked in mid-February that reveal not his costume, but that of Batman, which will be “vintage”, ie the same as the two films directed by Tim Burton (dated 1989 and 1992). It is no coincidence that in this case there will be Michael Keaton, the protagonist of those two films.