The CNMV of Spain responds to recent cases of identity theft and fraud

In the middle of February, hehe National Securities Market Commission of Spain, CNMV, in charge of regulating assets in that country, recognized that it was the focus of a phishing campaign who usurped his identity to request information and offer bitcoin sale in her name.

This was strictly a phishing scam, as scammers communicate with their victims through phone calls, with the idea of ​​obtaining personal information. The lure of the scam was the offer to buy bitcoins that were allegedly confiscated from a company accused by the Spanish courts. At the same time, They claimed to be part of the anti-fraud department which actually does not exist. “The Spanish regulator will take legal action against those who carry out these fraud attempts“, according to its president, Rodrigo Buenaventura.

The CNMV reminds that it is “a supervisory body that in no case does it offer investments and never asks investors for any type of information or personal data over the phone. As soon as it became aware of the facts, the CNMV has carried out various actions, including alerting the State Security Forces and Bodies”. The CNMV will undertake the legal actions within its power to prevent and limit these practices. In any case, the CNMV advises verify the origin of any communication received on your behalf.

As well It is important to bear in mind that the origin of the messages must be legitimate, that is, the emails must come from accounts and the official site is

The Director General of the Police, Francisco Pardo Piqueras, and the President of the National Securities Market Commission, Rodrigo Buenaventura, have been working on an agreement to prosecute financial fraud. To this end, the National Police will inform the CNMV about the persons or entities that could commit offenses against the securities markets, as well as the initiation of legal proceedings related to them. It also establishes a national coordination point for all investigations carried out by Police units. The CNMV, for its part, will notify the National Police of any indication of financial fraud, and will provide advice to facilitate investigations.

The collaboration that we have maintained in the previous agreement aims to better protect the investor and the citizen and should be reinforced in this, given the growing incidence of fraudulent offers and entities not authorized to provide investment services. Both institutions are going to establish fluid and effective channels for the exchange of communication, and we are going to collaborate in relevant training activities for our specialists”, pointed out the general director of the Police, who added that, ultimately, “we are going to use in a renewed way the experience and specialization achieved in recent times in the prosecution of financial fraud”.

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